Stitching the hull

I used the extra day off on the ANZAC day weekend to start the build properly. I started by screwing together some structural pine to act as a strong back. My car port is on a slope and the tiles are not particularly even. My original intention was to level the strong back with some blocks of wood – but in the end I decided that it probably wasn’t necessary using stitch-and-glue and moulds at 1m intervals.


Then I measured out the spacing for the moulds and centred them on the strong back and attached them with some angle brackets.  IMG_5964

The whole set up only took a couple of hours and I was able to lay the garboard planks in moulds and stitch them together with zip ties through the CNC drilled holes. IMG_5967

The planks went together really easily – apart for when I accidentally tried to attach one of the planks backwards! I got through quite a few stitches before I noticed that something was not right. Luckily it is really easy to cut out the stitches, correct the plank and start stitching again. IMG_5968By the end of the day, I had basically stitched together the entire hull – and it looked like a boat already! When I built my previous boat, it took me a year before I had the hull complete, so this was a pretty massive advantage in using this method of building.


I added internal moulds to hold the correct shape. I had cut triangles at the top centre so that I could use them to adjust the alignment of the boat to keep the hull true – but I didn’t have to – it was exactly true from the start.


Just after this photo, I zipped up the bow of the boat – this was the bit that needed the most contorting and encouraging – but it all came together remarkably well and there are only a few small gaps between plank that will be easily taken care of when I add the epoxy fillets. It was all very satisfying to see it finally coming together.



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