Internal fibreglass

Progress has been slow after I broke my collar bone. For about 2 months I wasn’t able to put any time into the boat project. But now my shoulder is healed enough for me to keep going again.

The first job was to sand down the inside and round off all of the sharp edges ready for fibreglassing. My fillets were pretty rough so this was a fair bit more work than it should have been. The end result was not perfect but should be fine once it is all painted and finished off.


I also cut the foam mirage drive holds down to a few centimeters above the deck and added the plywood covers on the top. Unfortunately, when I did this it made it obvious that I had accidentally squeezed the sides of the mirage drive holds in a couple of millimeters at some stage and now they are fixed in this position. Hopefully there will still be enough space to fit the drives.


Full boat shot after the sanding and a quick vacuum to get all the sawdust out.


I unrolled the fibreglass cloth, smoothed it into place and used a marker to trace around the required shape. I only laid glass cloth in the floors. I figured that the two upper strakes didn’t need the extra strength and the additional cloth would just add weight plus make it more difficult to fit the cloth.


Finally, I wet out the cloth with a coat of epoxy on and let it set over night. The next day I gave it another quick sand and clean up before giving the whole inside a coat of epoxy. Next I will add a couple of ribs to help stiffen the structure before flipping over the hull.



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