Flipping over

I reached a pretty major milestone – I added the last major component when I added the cabin tops. First I cut the internal molds to be ribs which I glued in to strength the upper sides. Then I glued the 3 sections of the cabin top halves together. This time I joined the puzzle joints dry and got them very even and flush and then poured thin epoxy over the joint which soaked in and through the joint to join it. It worked really well. I left it overnight to set and then I painted the underside with thin epoxy, added thickened epoxy to the rails and all surfaces that the cabin top touches and attached each half of the top. This helped me to straighten a couple of funny bends that had developed and really made the whole boat feel real solid. I used small screws with a large flat heads to hold it all together. I will pull these out once the glue as hardened and then fill the holes with epoxy.


I left it for the rest of the day and then in the afternoon we took the boat out of the molds and flipped the boat. Woo hoo! The hull looks awesome.



2 thoughts on “Flipping over

  1. Thanks – I better not make it too fair or I will have to change the name ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am walking distance from the river – so to start with I was thinking about making a bike trailer but not sure how quickly that will get old. So maybe I will get a small trailer to take it further afield.


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