Finishing Off

Once flipped upside down, I sanded, fibreglassed and then painted the underside of the hull. I used an acrylic exterior paint – the colour is great (selected by my wife 🙂 but it seems to stay a bit tacky even after a month or so. So not sure how well it will last.


Then I flipped the hull back up the right way. I added in some timber strips glued to the inside edge of the cabin tops to make them a bit stiffer.


Then I sanded the tops and coated them with epoxy.


Next I painted the inside of the hull – it is a very pale green colour which looks really great. I also added in the hatch covers and started putting in the control lines for the “tilt-and-turn” rudder. Control lines along one side are used to raise and lower the rudder and control lines along the other side to steer.


The rudder as mounted from the back with the control lines penetrating the hull. This is another Hobie product. The control lines run through plastic tubing which I have taken up the top of the hull so that if water gets in, it cannot get into the sealed compartment.


I finished painting the hull tops. It looks really great all fully painted! The timber at the back is the timber is for the seats which were in progress at this stage.


I ended up making a pretty simple seat with a flat base and angled back. They seem pretty comfortable and I plan to get cushions for the base which should make them even more comfortable.


I bought a small trailer to transport the boat (thanks again Mack – this was the small Carlex trailer you suggested.)


With the trailer put together and the boat ready to transfer across.


All ready to hit the road.


We took the boat down to the Swan river just down the road from our house. Everything sat really well in the water and the seats were comfortable and a pretty good height etc.


Unfortunately, we didn’t really get to test her out. I thought the Hobie Mirage drives would be able to be just put in place and that they would stay in place when used. But we found that they tilt up when we used them and so I need to come up with a way to hold them down. So we will come back for a proper test run another time.



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